When Sweet Man and the Bunnies smile

It has been a strange, sort of delightful, past 2 days of sorts.

I do not know if the combination of lemons and garlic that I have been using to cure my throat-infection-now-turned-cough has delusionary properties. Because I have not had many thoughts – which is strange, if you know me.

I cancelled lessons at home yesterday and took it real easy. Oh the beauty of homeschooling! I am so thankful I needn’t drive anywhere like a mad-hatter trying to make it in time for kindergarten. Or pick-ups. Yes. I am that Lazy.

Between laundry, cooking, some cleaning and meals, I lay in bed nursing Piglet and dozed off occasionally while my 2 older punks kept themselves real busy.

They biked as usual and watered all my outdoor plants.

They read lots of books by themselves.

They played some make-believe game indoors which involved Lamb being a “dog” and Puppy, the “owner.” Dog’s job was to crawl under the beds (dragging all his cuddly toys with him) and Owner’s job was to coax them out. And Owner took Dog for a walk-about the entire house using an old ribbon for a leash – held by Dog’s paw.

Lamb drew on my couch with brown and blue marker pens. My white couch.

You remember my bathroom leak. It went up a notch, so I completely switched off the water source in the aforesaid area. The plumber is coming only on Saturday.

So. No major disasters.

Anyway. We caught up with some lessons today. Switzerland on the map. Eskimos. Significant people who lived in 1865. Music, Mother Goose and Richard Scarry. I like Richard Scarry.

I vacuumed the entire house and mopped the floors when Sweet Man got home. That was easy, because Sweet Man, all the Bunnies and I watched the perfect song for the job. You know what? Had I the time, I could have washed the windows after that.

They have that kind of effect on me. Definitely better than lemons and garlic. Sweet Man and the Bunnies smile great.


PS. Belly laughs for the hair and antics on this vid.

PPS. More belly laughs and stitches watching Bunnies act out the moves on this vid.

PPS. Puppy and Lamb now want to be drummers. So we needn’t worry too much about academics. Wheeeeeeee!!

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