What I like about co-sleeping

What do I like about co-sleeping?

Many things! (Not that there aren’t any challenges, but that’s for another post.)

For one, I like that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I get to see this …

A wee foot, sticking right up!

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  1. Is that 2 babas you share with? I enjoyed an afternoon snooze today with both my boys but only usually have Pooh Bear in with us at night. No room for hubby otherwise ;D

  2. I was sharing with 2 babas previously, because my middle little guy needed more affirmation after baby came along. Hubby was very supportive and ended up on the floor mattress or couch. It was never the most ideal solution though, and we’re glad it lasted only a few months. We now share with our youngest, and our middle is happily back in his own bed, near our window. For some unavoidable reason, but also because we all love being together, all 5 of us are in 1 room!

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