An unexpected tumble, a scraped knee. Arms outstretched.

I am there immediately.

It doesn’t take long for Piglet to be comforted, his chin planted firmly on my shoulder. I can’t see his face but I feel the tense furrow of his eyebrows relaxing.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

She’s scooting rapidly now, all of eight months old.

I’m in the shower and I know it’s going to be a matter of seconds before she creeps, on her tummy, into the bathroom and right up to the bathtub to wait expectantly.

I finish like lightning and she grins up at me with her four little pearly teeth showing as I scoop her up and we exchange smiles in the mirror.

We settle down to nurse and she tugs gently at my hair, grasps my finger. Utter contentment.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

This deep, innate trust and finding security in a parent’s arms, I am learning from these little people how to believe in God all over again.

He is kind.

He forgives.

He heals, protects.

His kindness and love are a crown on our heads.

Each day that we live, He provides for our needs and gives us the strength of a young eagle.

The Lord is merciful!

He is kind and patient, His love never fails.

How great is God’s love for all who worship him? Greater than the distance between heaven and earth!

How far has the Lord taken our sins from us? Farther than the distance from east to west!

Just as parents are kind to their children, the Lord is kind to all who worship him.

How can I forget His promises and provision?

As my children look to me – the imperfect Mama that I am, I will look to Him – my perfect heavenly Father.

I will sing in my heart and smile on His shoulder and laugh as He dangles me on His arm.

I will rejoice in all He has made. I will listen eagerly to His purposes and plans.

I am almost a bit delirious now with a bad cold but I am anticipating a new tomorrow of being and doing, in His strength.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing!


A reflection on Psalm 23 and Psalm 103.


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  • Jock Hua
    September 4, 2014 3:01 pm

    Good reflection. Praise the Lord!

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