Treading on tiptoes


How do you keep active kids quiet when trying to put a baby down to sleep?

It takes a BIG stretch of my inner resources. Hoooo-la.


What’s been working?

Quiet activities. Independent reading. Colouring. Puzzles that don’t frustrate. Explaining very earnestly that bigger Bunnies will benefit in such-and-such ways when baby finally sleeps.


They’re mostly great, the older kids.

And there are days when Piglet sleeps soundly through most of our activities. But then, there are days when the tiniest sound wakes him up, just a few minutes after I’ve put him down.



On some of those times, he simply WON’T go back to sleep. I have to carry all of his (at least 6kg) baby body with one hand and supervise lessons with the other. Don’t ask about my well-worn sling – it’s too hot for it these days.

My hair’s falling out. (In case you wanted to know.)

And it isn’t just post-natal hormones.

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