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Love this too.

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  1. I love this too. Thanks again for sharing such insightful stuff. Our education system is exactly how he described it. And it’s really sad what effects of such a system have on our children, especially with regards to divergent thinking as he mentioned. How do we counter this, is the next question. I guess I have always been aware of this, at the back of my mind. Now, if we choose to subject our kids to such a system, I guess I would seriously have to think of ways to balance it out at home.

  2. Yes, I agree we need to think of ways to balance things out at home. Challenging as our education system is, it’s important to me that the Bunnies are exposed to it. I feel that it’s the only way that they will understand what their peers go through – by going through it themselves. However, I will definitely continue using our homeschooling resources through their public school years. Ditch commercial tuition – it only reinforces a lack of divergent thinking. A’s aren’t everything.

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