Read. Explore. Learn. (Life in Egypt.)

I love creative ways of teaching my Bunnies – it’s such a great opportunity to build relationship with them.  So today I’m linking up with JDaniel4’s Mom on her Read.Explore.Learn.Summer Learning Challenge.


For history, we are reading a few cool books. This is one of them.

It looks at the fascinating details of everyday life in the past. We get to find out, for example, what a Roman kitchen looked like, how Ancient Egyptians took showers, how a knight put his armor on and who used wheelbarrows with sails.

After our lesson on life in Egypt, we made these ultra-cool Egyptian collars.


We all got into stitches as I stripped the clothes off the Bunnies, put on the collars, and wrapped an unfolded nappy cloth around each of their waists – loin cloths!

(Alas! I shall not post their photos here because Google looks like it will last for sometime, and the kids may just be a wee bit embarrassed ….. if they somehow surface in the future!)

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Fun indoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers (Part 4)


Part 4! Again, these are activities that keep our home environment busy, happy and sometimes … messy! Not every idea may appeal to you or your kids, so take what you like and ditch the rest. Or have fun yourself, even if you don’t have kids!

31) Scrap construction.  Reuse bits of paper, cardboard, old fabrics, plastic, wood chips by putting them into a Scrap Box. Provide cellotape. My kids can spend ages building just about anything they fancy.

Lamb’s self-constructed “airplane”. Va va voommm!!! He will be 3 this Friday.


Previous craft activities like finger painted toilet rolls can be reused.  Puppy and Lamb were hard at scrap work while I spring cleaned last week.

32) Dominoes.  There’s always a thrill watching a line of dominoes fall. A great activity that builds coordination and concentration.

33) Bean bag games.  Provide a bucket and some small coloured bean bags. Ask your child to see how many he can throw into the bucket. Teach and practise throwing with right and left hands, then both hands together. Or play balancing games – practise walking a distance with a bean bag on her head.

34) Flashlight/digital camera.  A simple flashlight can keep kids occupied for sometime. When Puppy was 2, she learned how to use our digital camera. It kept her busy for a long time during my afternoon naps while pregnant and exhausted – comatose-like state!

Just One of many interesting shots …


35) Balloon decorating.  Blow up some balloons. Let your kids use markers, crayons and stickers to decorate them.

Puppy’s Dr Evil?


36) Waterplay.  Provide toy boats, funnels, spouts, scoops, measuring cups, and a shallow bucket of water. Tea strainers (cloth and metal variety) are fun, too. Talk about capacity and the nature of various materials. I have dumped them (kids and all) in the bathtub and let them have fun splashing while I put up my feet nearby. A great chance to rest and watch at the same time.

37) Window washing.  My Bunnies love their spray bottles and dry little hand towels, especially when I clean the house. The result: clean windows and furniture, no effort from me! Show and tell the difference in materials – “Spray on glass or wood only, make sure you wipe.”

38) Blowing bubbles.  I don’t know a single kid yet who doesn’t love blowing bubbles. Use a wet indoor area that’s easy to clean (we have an air well), or apartment balcony (supervise).

39) Make music.  Build up a collection of music instruments – drumming tins, maracas, bells, xylophone, tambourine, etc. Recycled paper rolls can be pretend-microphones too. Put on some favourite music. Let the kids dance and make music while you work.

If your child refuses to be left alone, don’t fret! Have Tag-Along-Time:

40) Help in the kitchen…and everywhere else you go!  Preschoolers (even toddlers) can help you wash rice, peel garlic, wash vegetables, unload the washing machine, hang laundry on low-level racks, fold laundry, sweep up dry leaves, and more. As you go, talk about colours, shapes, kitchen safety, nutrition, cleanliness, living skills, likes, dislikes, and everything else under the sun. Extra adult patience required on some of these … which bears results ………

Who folded these??


41) Singing.  Sing with your little one as you work. Nursery rhymes, action songs, any favourite song – decent lyrics please!

42) Language games. Play “I spy with my little eye (something red/something that begins with the letter ‘C’)”, Simon Says. When my eldest was 2, she loved sitting on a stool in the bathroom and playing these games with me while I enjoyed a shower. She had fun and my baby was safely in his cot without any danger of his eyes getting poked out.


There! How did I make it past 40?? I’m pretty sure I’ve left some out…. It’s been really enjoyable for me, putting this list together and going through old photos. They remind me of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had building my relationship with the Bunnies. Thanks so much for reading!

If you have an activity that’s not on this list – Safe and Simple, Cheap and Creative – bringit ON. I appreciate every single new idea!

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