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I found we can kill two birds with one stone when we eat our veggies raw.


Eating raw veggies is great. We get all the nutrients. And I don’t have to spend time cooking them!

Save some celery stalks. Get some ink. Talk about plants and capillary action.


We love this simple experiment!




Today, I asked Lamb what he wanted to do during our Free Choice Time.

Play with SAND!!!

So we did.

I tried to shake off my adult inhibitions and not mind the mess that happens when a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old get their hands on sand.

Especially Purple Sand.



Puppy and I just finished a riveting book, Claire Huchet Bishop’s Twenty and Ten.

Set in the context of World War II, it is based on a true story that occurred during the German occupation of France. Twenty French children are sent to a refuge in the mountains. They take in, and hide, 10 Jewish refugee children.

It’s a book you can’t put down, especially from the part when Nazi soldiers arrive.

There is a touching scene at the beginning, when a Jewish boy gives his one-and-only treasured piece of chocolate to a French boy in gratitude to the latter for having given to him the remainder of his meal.

Can you believe that on the very same day we read that chapter, our family had lunch with several young friends. One of them, a refugee girl, reluctantly agreed to come along as she didn’t have money to pay for her meal. Of course we wanted her company, so we told her not to think of money. As we left the restaurant, she slipped something into Puppy’s hand.

Guess what it was?

A piece of chocolate.

Puppy and I poured over our world map and looked for all the locations mentioned in the book. We had an interesting time discussing the story. I learned that 5 year olds are capable of understanding a great deal of things.

My mother came visiting today. As I washed the breakfast dishes, I overheard Puppy say to her, “Do you know the Nazis?”

There was a short silence. Then my mother said, “What?”

“The Nazis,” Puppy said. “They killed Jews. And they wanted to kill the Jewish children.”

I didn’t hear what followed, and I didn’t get the opportunity to ask my mother what she thought of that conversation.



I’m still thinking about the story. About the things Puppy and I talked about. About our refugee friend.

And about how we’re living our lives today for the “Next” Generation.

Because the “Next” Generation begins NOW.


  • Quick Gifts
    June 25, 2011 9:21 pm

    I am very encouraged by this posting as it reminds me of living now and what living is truly about. The way you manage the kids and your household is an excellent testimony that it IS possible. I am so used to doing things the conventional “right” (so-called) way that I have truly lost my creativity. This post has inspired me to live NOW.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Mama J
    June 26, 2011 12:44 am

    Hi! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comments! Believe it or not, I am quite prone to live in the future, wondering about what-ifs …. Thankfully the kids make that quite impossible at times. There’s too much to do today!

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