Sleepy sleeps

SLEEP. My favourite word this week.

I like the fact that I’ve been sleeping quite a bit lately. Not on the job. Apart from cleaning the floors at 2.30 am last night (it’s a long story), I’ve been knocking off early with the Bunnies. Sweet Man too.

This rarely happens. We like the kids in early so we have time to do Other Things.

There’s been so much to do. I’m not talking just about the mornings, full to bursting with the usual chores, lessons, diaper changing, nursing and trying to get Piglet to sleep.

Puppy dispensed with her afternoon nap ages ago, so there’s afternoon school these days. She waits patiently for me to finish my 3o minute nap, reading quietly on her bed and dreaming up conversations with people and animals I can’t keep up with. Then there’s all the read-alouds that are interesting enough to wake me up properly, history and science.

These days, though, I’ve rarely been getting any afternoon naptime. Piglet’s been keeping me up, wondering more about his new world.

We’ve been looking at what ancient people ate. Today we read about what people ate 500 years ago. There were cool recipes to try. With all the mouth-watering food before us, Puppy’s been bugging me to bake.

Today, after finishing our readings, we stealthily crept out of the room to head for the kitchen. No go. Lamb and Piglet woke up two minutes into our foray. So I had 2 Bunnies getting their hands into the dough. I will never forget Lamb rushing to the drawer to get the rolling-pin to flatten his little putty. Maybe Piglet will remember where it’s kept after this.

Sweet Man got home just in time to smell scones baking in the oven. I pushed the kids out into our front yard so they could cycle and zip around a bit while we got some Man-Woman Talk. Then he headed out to give them some football drills. Isn’t Sweet Man sweet?

After awhile though, the whole business – Bunny lovin’, homeschooling, housework, extra jobs, and busy weekends – can really wear a person down. This week of longer night sleeps has been great.


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