Roo: 5 months

My sweet Roo,

Every now and again, ever so often, I gaze at you and wonder – when did you get this big? Soon, you’ll have your first taste of solid food.

Has it really been five months? I have spent the past few weeks in a state of denial that you are a newborn no longer! And I am still amazed at how blessed we are to have you in our lives.

We wanted you for so long, prayed about you for so long. You fill our days with your winsome smile, your gentle manner and infectious giggles.


Piglet holds you especially close to his heart.


Lamb can be guaranteed to give you a kiss every morning before he leaves for school.


Puppy has loved cradling you and now loves cuddling you on her lap.


You have NO idea the kind of things your Papa will let you explore and enjoy.


You are a blessing, and you are so blessed!


Just watching your curiosity about the world around you makes me feel so alive.

You sit in your Bumbo, watch me hang out the laundry and play with the curtain that flaps in the wind.


When we’re at the dinner table, you reach out to grab my plate and get your fingers into bowls of cereal and milk. You trace your hand around the edge of the table and bang the top with your palm.

When I carry the dishes to the sink with you riding on my hip, you can’t wait to look into it. How do things disappear in there? With a cluttering sound!


Oh I am a tired, busy Mama. You spend many warm, tender moments nursing, holding onto my finger with your free hand. Those precious times make me stop … slow down … and meditate on how good God is. He has filled our home with so much life.

So much love.


I think of your deep, trusting spirit. When I am not holding you, while I am occupied with chores, your eyes follow me every where I go. You’re relieved when I come back to scoop you up in my arms again! You remind me of how much I need my heavenly Father, every minute, every day. How much more I need to fix my eyes on Him and His work – and ask, where do I fit in?

I am still trying to grasp the enormity of being your Mama.

I am so incredibly blessed to be here to watch you grow.

With a happy heart, filled with so much love for you.


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