Reading ROCKS!

This morning, Sweet Man went out for a meeting and I settled down to a Saturday that promised nothing but the mundane.

As I nursed Piglet, I gazed out into the growing jungle that was supposed to be our garden. Lamb built a train track and Puppy busied herself with the children’s encyclopedia. I thought she was just looking at pictures, but she said, suddenly, “Did you know that a giraffe lies down to sleep for less than two hours a day? TWO HOURS, you know??”

I was flabbergasted.

“Uh, no… I didn’t,” I said.

She flipped the page and continued, “And did you know that panda cubs are born with all-white fur? Their black spots start to … what’s this word … develop? when they’re one month old!  ……. No spots before that, you know, WOW!!”

I didn’t say a thing. I was too amazed.

“And lions are members of the cat family! I didn’t know that!”

The feeling that I get from watching my girl just turned 5 read something she’s never seen before is indescribable. All our hours of reading, snuggling on the couch, are paying off.

Now she can enjoy finding out new things on her own.

And it’s so nice to be read to for a change.


Reading is definitely on her mind. It permeates everything, even the stuff we eat.

Later this afternoon, I baked scones while Lamb and Piglet slept. Puppy helped me measure out the ingredients and I showed her how to mix in the butter using her fingertips. The part she loves best about baking is having her own little dough to shape. Who doesn’t??

“What are you going to make?” I asked, after I’d put the first batch into the oven.

“The letter ‘kuh’,” she replied. (‘Kuh’, the sound of the letters C and K.)

This was the result.

I thought it looked like a snake, Sweet Man thought of something else … but who cares?

All that matters is that it’s the LETTER KUH!


Puppy: 5.1yo; Lamb: 2.10yo; Piglet: 4mo. 

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