Thinking education

I love this.

It’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to make schooling for our Bunnies free n’ easy.

Delaying structured schooling and standardised testing as long as possible.

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Puppy’s school visit

Last Friday, we registered Puppy at the primary school in our neighbourhood. She’ll go in her 7th year.

I described things along the way.

“This is the school office. That’s what the boys and girls wear here. See, the lady over there, she’s the teacher. That’s the canteen where you can get something to eat at snack time, they call it ‘recess’ here. And that’s the playground.”

Puppy loved every minute of it.

While my Sweet Man filled up forms in the school office, Puppy, Lamb and I stood outside a classroom, watching preschoolers reading Malay sentences off a chart. No, not reading. Yelling.

Piglet had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

When we got back to the car, I asked Puppy how she liked it. “Oh, Mama… Can I go to this school? Now? NOW? Tomorrow?”┬áHer face was shining.

It was a special moment and I was excited as she was. Never mind we’ve decided to send her to a government school, not a private or vernacular one. Never mind 90% of the canteen food was fried food. Never mind most of the children there were from a different culture. Never mind the toilets stinked. Never mind the playground looked shabby and the bookshop sold cheap looking pencil-boxes.

It’s school, there are other kids around! Woo hoo!!

We’re over-crazed these days with: Private schools. Vernacular schools. Organic food, only organic food. Hand sanitizers and super dooper ultra clean environments.


Puppy’s opinion: NOT NECESSARY.

(PS. I value personal hygiene and support organic farming. But we needn’t be frenetic about it.)

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