Our ‘O’ week

I don’t know why, but we had more than a couple of ‘O’s recently.

The Bunnies made octopuses using recycled paper towel rolls. They love painting and it was a nice change from using paper towel rolls as microphones. This Mama enjoyed some peace and quiet for a good few minutes! After letting the rolls dry for a day, they cut out lines on the bottom to make tentacles and drew in an octopus face at the top.


I’m not sure what we’ll do with the end product yet. Maybe make more sea creatures and have a little stage play. Hmm?


Last week, I made pizza for lunch. Actually, Sweet Man very kindly made a whole batch of pizza dough and bunged it in the freezer so I would have them on hand whenever I needed a quick lunch. (Isn’t he nice!) I just ditched lots of fresh tomatoes, tuna, cheese, onion and garlic on top. Oh, and the kids insisted on olives – their favourite part of pizza – so, here you are. Plenty of olives. I love them too!


Do you know what this is? 10 points to those who guess correctly! (10 points in what scheme I don’t know yet!)


It’s part of a toy shopping trolley. Turn it upside down and you’ll see it’s the bit where the child is supposed to sit.

Lamb found an ingenious use for it. He wore it on the outer part of his shorts. Oh yes. Why? I don’t know! He appeared in the kitchen with it, looking very serious. I said, “OH!!!

We called it his Fantastical Pants. Belly laughs all round!!


Linking up with Jenny Matlock for the letter “O”

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  1. I just made pizza the other day for dinner and I took the lazy way out (always do). I usually use tortilla as the base – easy and when it comes out the oven – thin and crispy! I think your kids and mine will never be able to dine together – they hate olives and fresh tomatoes (what to expect right from a mom who lets them have Happy Meals). Great that you’ve joined Alphabe Thursday – I love this linky coz most of the people who link up actually take time to read and comment on your post. And Ms Jenny’s just the sweetest granny. How on earth did you get that strap off the shopping trolley?

  2. Tortilla? I know I can always count on you for some good ideas. Always! This makes it easier on us, thanks heaps!

    There are only 2 reasons my kids don’t have Happy Meals: 1) I don’t want them drooling over them toys. 2) They eat way too much that they need McValue Meals! Which is also why we hardly ever go to McD’s – the financial burden is not worth the nutrition! (Nutrition? What? 😉 )

    I found out about Alphabe Thursday from your blog, my dear. You are my trail blazer. I owe you.

    I didn’t get the strap off the trolley. Trust my Bunnies to find a way. They are great at such menial and hands-on work that I wouldn’t care to touch. Ha!

  3. I’m sorry but you can’t give me 10 points! I didn’t guess right.

    I have never thought about putting tuna on pizza. It might be something tasty and different!

    Thanks for the tip and the cute link.

    Octopi are always outstanding.


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