Mary had a little lamb

Some people would say that Lamb’s going through a phase.


He clings to me at every moment he’s not with his sister.

He whines at my feet when I’m cooking and begs to be carried. Today, he pushed his head into my butt when I was trying to do a stir-fry.

He wants to nurse twice, sometimes three or four times a day. And he’s absolutely, totally and gigantically pleased when he gets to.

He wants to nurse at awkward moments occasionally. Today, he pummeled me when I refused. I was cooking at the time. Of course I meted out appropriate consequences. Hitting is absolutely forbidden in our family, Lamb knows that. But that isn’t the point.

There are times when I feel a wee bit irritated. This morning, he called out to me from the toilet as he needed help to clean up after a poo. I’d had a late night before, catching up on chores. I got up wearily from my tea and toast. Wiping a dirty bum in the midst of breakfast is one of the mommy jobs I love least.

When I got to the bathroom, he hugged me around the knees. “Mama?” he said.


“I love you.”

Why Lamb?

“Because I love you.” His legs dangle from the toilet seat.

It’s slightly past his bedtime now. He’s snuggled up against me and says, “I wanna lie down on your lap.

Why Lamb?

“Because I’m tired.”

Go up to bed then. You can go to bed with Papa.

“No, I like you. I like you to cuddle with me.”

I’d loathe to say Lamb’s going through “a phase”. He just loves me in the only 2-year-old-way he knows how. And it won’t last forever.

Okay then, Lamb. Love me. Do.

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  1. Nice post. Yeah, little ones can be super clingy. It’s difficult sometimes, especially when you’re trying to do something. But they’re just kids being kids, loving the only way they know how.

  2. Hi Jeff! Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog and love your writing style. How do you manage to write quality stuff with your little one hanging around?

  3. Thankyou for reminding me to see my kids love and treasure it as they grow so fast!

  4. Thankyou for this reminder that when our little one’s attachment systems are activated, they truly do respond in the only way they know how…which at the most annoying times can drive us insane – but yes, you are right, it’s such a privilege to be the centre of their world for this short time.

  5. They do grow so fast, don’t they! I want my newborn Piglet back. He turns 4 months this week!

  6. You’re most welcome, Bec, and I’m glad we can share that privilege. I think their attachment systems are especially on the go when there’s a new baby around. Lamb tells me “I love you” and “I like you” everyday. Not bad. I like being liked!

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