Mama multi-tasks

I’ve been musing about taking on an extra job. Girl’s gotta live.

So I updated my CV. I thought about all the stuff that pays out there, and I don’t think my recent jobs add up …

Teaching one child phonics and another child spelling while keeping an eye on a boiling pan.

Showering while singing 1,000 nursery rhymes to a baby watching me from an infant seat.

Issuing instructions on packing up toys while frying chicken chops and peeling vegetables. Still singing nursery rhymes to baby.

Nursing my Bunnies in trains, vans, aeroplanes, innumerable parked cars, in the forest, while sitting, standing, walking, lying down, shopping, signing credit card slips, in restaurants, and countless other public places, including the toilet.

What do you think? Not exactly CV material.

It’s okay, I tell myself. There isn’t a need to prove anything.

And you can’t have everything covered. Especially if you’re a one-woman show.

After breakfast today, I discovered Piglet’s tiny head smelled of stale, rotten cheese. But that’s only to be expected when someone else is hovering about the infant seat while I do the dishes – a loving 2 year old with cream cheese all over his mouth. And a penchant for kissing.

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