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If you read my last post and detected a faint hint of gloating, this one should put things in perspective.

The day started promisingly enough.

I’d managed to get our lunch sorted at the same time as breakfast, so that was out of the way. By the time we finished our fruit, oats and eggs, Piglet had fallen asleep, so I carried him upstairs. The kids had 45 minutes of playing outdoors, and I swept the driveway. Very efficient. Very organised.

Puppy aced her spelling of new words and Lamb drew near straight lines with coloured markers without drawing on the table once. Piglet woke up but I managed to put him back to sleep while the other two revised Malay vocabulary.

By lunch time, however, the after-effects of too much Facebook in the wee hours set in. Lamb dithered over his lunch, and the usual irritation I feel whenever that happens started to swell.

Lamb slept quickly enough after lots of Mother Goose and Malay stories. Puppy requested more reading, and I intended to do lots of History and Science with her but Piglet woke up and wanted to nurse. I took the opportunity to rest, lying down to nurse. That was IT. I fell asleep. For 2 hours. Two freaking hours.

When I awoke and saw the time, I was furious. Puppy and Lamb were hiding under a blanket and woke Piglet with their squeals of laughter.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it!

I did it. I threw a paperback at them. Some grunts came from under the blanket. Thus began the slide downhill.

Unhappily, I sent the kids outdoors to play while Piglet watched them from his infant seat. They cycled, zoomed, and ran helter-skelter in the warm evening sun. I watched them, frustrated at myself as much as they were happy. After a little talk with myself about self-control, I gave them chalks to draw (“only on the driveway floor please”), and went inside to do a little cleaning.

When I came back, there were lovely chalk drawings not only on the driveway, but also on the brick wall. On the shoe cupboards that I’d cleaned only yesterday. On Piglet’s two chubby cheeks.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? Draw only on the FLOOR!” I bellowed.

It started to rain, and I got them inside, dusty feet and all. They obediently went up straight to the bathroom, as I boomed out instructions and lugged Piglet and a basketful of laundry up the stairs.

“Mama!! Lamb pee-ed in Piglet’s bathtub!” Puppy yelled. Sure enough, he had. And on the freshly scrubbed floor too. Oh Lamb, don’t you know you should pee only in the toilet?? Curses.

Alone in his cot, Piglet started to wail and Puppy and Lamb began whimpering as I scrubbed them too hard. I left them to dry themselves and ran to pick up the baby.

Subdued, Puppy and Lamb dressed themselves as I bathed Piglet with a face as black as thunder.

Puppy stood watching me. “Mama?” she said. “Yes?” I forced a little smile. “Why did you throw a book at Lamb just now?” She held up a finger and looked at me reprovingly.


Henceforth, I shall:

1) Remember I am a homeschooling mama.

2) Exercise better time management over the internet.

3) Sleep at regular hours, not on the job. Short naps are allowed.

4) Call for divine intervention when Darkness looms over the horizon. I’m not in this alone.

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  • Sweet Man
    April 13, 2011 10:06 pm

    Hehe..i told you FB will get the better of you…

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