Line up to Mother’s Day

It’s been a really hot day today.

Think of sweltering heat that’s perfect for laundry. Perfect because the nappies on my clothes line dry in just a couple of hours.

Perfect also for scorching the bed sheets that I had to wash, after they encountered Lamb’s leaky night-time diaper. You must know, I’d just changed those sheets the night before, so the timing simply couldn’t have been better.

By the way, I can prove that laundry is alive. The stuff meets, plans and executes. How else can you explain another leaky diaper on the same day (Piglet’s old-fashioned nappy this time), streaking the infant seat that I just washed two weeks ago? Laundry! Go away. Never come again another day.

The Bunnies had a great time dancing in the sun and playing with balls in the front yard, until someone threw one too high and smashed the driveway light into a zillion pieces. Call it a neat addition to the morning, myself a little delirious and dizzy from lack of sleep. I’ve been catching up on emails left unanswered for 4 days.

And I’m still recovering from last week’s hair-raising experience – a freak accident that almost crushed Lamb’s right eyeball. (Actually, it just missed the eye socket.)

It may sound a little crazy, but I AM looking forward to Mother’s Day.

During breakfast this morning, Puppy asked, all sweet and innocently, “Can I marry Lamb?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I LOVE him!”

To my sound, biological explanation, she said, “If I can’t marry him, me and my husband will get a house just next door to his house. Piglet and his wife can get a house on the other side of his house too!” (gleefully)

There’s always something to laugh about. Even when things get hot around here.

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