Outdoor play

Being outdoors is an essential part of our family life and home education.

Rain or shine, we try to go out every day.

There is ample research to show that being active outdoors stimulates more than the physical development of children. It is fundamental to build the body, mind and spirit.

We strongly feel that the lack of physical activity and disconnectedness to nature can cause children to act up at home and become imbalanced individuals. If we are to nurture happy and healthy children, we need to combine both nutrition and nature. If we are to raise a generation of people who will help save our planet, our kids need to grow up feeling at home with green things and understand what’s needed to make them thrive.

What better way than to start at home?

Learning outdoors

Breaking ground

Sweet Man, green things and muddy little hands ‘n’ feet

Happenings in our garden

Food and nutrition education at home for kids

Sticks, stones and free play outdoors

Sensory play

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