Home education

We are educating our children at home for their preschool years.

There is so much we love about homeschooling. It helps us avoid over-scheduling our children and encourages the pace and playful essence of childhood. It promotes a sense of ease, well being, better physical health and establishes family harmony.

Over and above these however, the two most important reasons we homeschool are so that we can build a close relationship with our children and and teach and model our faith in our Lord Jesus during their crucial, formative years.

We adopt a simple, eclectic approach to homeschooling reflecting Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and the Bible. We avoid lots of consumer-extraneous stuff, over stimulation and limit scheduled activities. We also enjoy lots of outdoor play, reading aloud, sports, and practice at least an hour of downtime (“Quiet Time“) everyday. The latter applies equally to mom!

Rather than be overwhelmed by the latest educational fad, gadgets and the competitive, stressful adult world, I find homeschooling allows us to focus on what is truly important to us as a family – faith and relationships.

Homeschooling restores creative play, order and balance. It helps our children enjoy learning at their own pace and makes them more secure, less stressed. We have a lot more time and freedom to appreciate things—and one another—more deeply.

Much as our family has enjoyed homeschooling, however, Sweet Man and I have decided to send our children to national school for primary education. Ours is a country rich with peoples of different cultures and languages and we’d like for them to experience all the beauty of this, first-hand. It is something we feel we cannot provide for them by keeping them at home.

We are glad our eldest child enjoys her new friends and is doing so well learning a new language and experiencing different cultures. In the “system”, our children will experience a less than ideal approach to education (in our view) and possibly even racial discrimination, but all the better for them to learn how to adapt to this (and other not-so-nice things) from a young age.

We still homeschool outside formal school hours, so my hands are full. Too full to write or blog as often as I’d like, but the sacrifice is well worth it.

In this page, you’ll find some of the homeschooling activities we have enjoyed, as well as some of the things I’ve learned on how to manage. There are days that we don’t do or accomplish all that I’ve planned but that’s all part and parcel of the process and, well, just being a normal mama with normal kids!

Please leave a comment or feedback, I’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions on how to make it better.

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