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After eight years of using the highly effective, early literacy programme Jolly Phonics in our preschool homeschool, I’m now excited to share with parents key teaching skills I’ve learned along the way.

Phonics@Home is a four-hour, highly interactive workshop that equips parents with basic knowledge and practical skills of how to teach their children using Jolly Phonics.

It is a small-group workshop, limited to six participants, so that everyone gets to ask questions, engage in role-playing sessions with personal feedback from me, and participate in hands-on games and activities related to phonics learning. 

Participants also leave with a take-home Parent Kit containing the Jolly Songs CD and a big stash of useful activity tools to reinforce learning at home.

In our private Facebook group exclusively for post-workshop participants, everyone is invited to share stories about how Jolly Phonics is working for them, or ask a question that might benefit the others. I also share updates of how we continue using Jolly Phonics in our own home and fresh learning ideas that emerge as we do so.

After 14 workshops in the past one year (wow!), I’m truly glad for the privilege of sharing my knowledge and experience about this fantastic resource, Jolly Phonics. I’ve met amazing mothers, also teachers, who are passionate about their children’s development and want to journey with their children as they learn. (Click here for testimonials of previous participants.)

If you’d like more details, please fill in the contact form below and I’ll get in touch with you soon.


Warmest wishes, tea & scones!

Jin Ai