Enter the killers

A few days ago, the Bunnies made an interesting find:  A dead, partially eaten lizard that was being carried away by a swarming horde of ants.

We all knelt down in a tight circle and ooh-ed and ahh-ed about how many ants there were.

I thought I’d leave the Bunnies alone to inspect the ant mission while I swept up the dry leaves that litter our driveway everyday (no thanks to my neighbour’s tree). As I swished my broom, it suddenly occurred to me that the Find of the Day presented the perfect opportunity to talk about the Cycle of Life and the significance of team work. Domesticity need not liquefy the mind!

Too late!! I turned to verbalise my thoughts just in time to see Lamb roll over the scurrying party with the wheels of his scooter, sending the ants running frantically in different directions. Meanwhile, Puppy had got onto her bike and readied herself to follow suit.

I ran over to protest the carnage, but it was fruitless.

“Kill the ants!! KILL the ants!” was the battle cry.


I finally managed to stop them from running over the dead lizard with their vehicles. Over the course of the next few days, however, Lamb continued his fascination with the disappearing remains by riding his scooter up to the spot, and then slowly, very deliberately, going over it with his wheels.

This evening, it looked pretty grim, pretty much how I felt.

The Bunnies love animals in general, but it’s been difficult teaching them to like small ones such as these when I have firmly established myself as a Lizard Hater and a Small Creature Exterminator in our home.

I complain about lizard droppings. I wipe up ants that I find in the house.

And think particularly of the time when my mother came visiting on the same day a rat was found wandering about in my kitchen, and how we barricaded the kitchen entrance and went after it with a broom. Broom in air, I was hollering at the top of my head with a wild look on my face, psyching myself up for the big Whack.

You can imagine the impression all THAT made on the Bunnies, who could not help watching ….

… and cheering me on.


  • Willow Finishing Course
    May 24, 2011 5:47 am

    “Domesticity need not liquefy the mind!” That’s a quote. That’s a very quotable quote! I’d totally put that on a coffee cup. Or an apron!

  • Mama J
    May 24, 2011 11:59 pm

    Now THAT’S an idea! Many thanks, sweet.

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