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Last Sunday I was privileged to join a bunch of interesting ladies at a charity Mothers Day event organised by Daveleen Sdn Bhd.

I say “interesting” because when ladies who sport belly bumps of various sizes and shapes get together in one place there is always something to see, someone new to meet and information to exchange.

Coming to my 11th week and full swing into morning sickness, I was quite nauseated from the heat outside but after being welcomed into an extremely pleasant looking place and enjoying a nutritious lunch, I recovered somewhat.


The entrance fee was RM20 per preggy mom (RM30 per couple) but upon arrival each participant received a goodie bag containing a whole lot of stuff worth over RM200 – Huggies diapers, Bepanthen nappy cream, SMC full moon cash voucher, Genius gown headband and 30% discount voucher, Surya Yoga CD, Moon’s products and Daveleen RM50 cash voucher.

Baby products on sale
Baby products on sale

There were also prizes worth RM5000 given away at a Lucky Draw held at the end. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones but it was still sort of nice to wait with bated breath in case your name got called up and watch people win the following –

  • RM2000 cash voucher sponsored by Mom’s Paradise Postnatal Retreat (confinement centre)
  • RM1000 cash voucher sponsored by Mom’s Delight (postnatal dietary meals)
  • RM800 cash voucher sponsored by Moon’s Postnatal Essentials
  • RM500 cash voucher sponsored by Soul Nibbana Beauty Studio (prenatal and postnatal massage)
  • RM300 cash voucher sponsored by Daveleen, and
  • 15 hampers

Participants who snapped their picture at the photo booth and shared it via Facebook received a free prenatal massage voucher (1hr 30min) and a postnatal signature voucher (2hr 15min) worth RM380.


To top it all, every mom was treated to a complimentary hand and shoulder massage. (Nothing like a good massage after lunch!)

Talking about freebies and prizes alone is, however, to miss the point.

Daveleen prides itself on being the pioneer in Malaysia of pre and postnatal solutions. It is a one-stop centre that offers a wide range of products and services for women hoping to conceive, pregnant women and women who have just delivered their babies.

Under Daveleen’s umbrella is the following –

  • Mom’s Paradise: Postnatal confinement retreat centre.
  • Mom’s Delight: Postnatal dietary meals.
  • Mom’s Helper: Confinement nanny services.
  • Soul Nibbana Beauty Studio: Pre and postnatal massage.

Daveleen also supplies a wide range of prenatal essentials such as red date tea extract and a variety of postnatal products like belly belts, herbal baths for mother and baby, rejuvenating supplements and even breastmilk bags.

The highlight of Daveleen’s weekend charity lunch was a confinement talk by Dr. PeiLing Goh, a postnatal health expert. Dr. PeiLing addressed a variety of issues each expecting mother should be prepared for –  the purpose of confinement (postnatal care), myths and truths of confinement (eg. should I wash my hair? should I drink wine?), breastfeeding, what dads can do to help, the 3 major concepts of confinement care: food management, daily activities and proper rest of the mind and soul.


According to Dr. PeiLing, mothers need not depend solely on others for confinement help. Helpers can provide 20% support but 80% should come from a proper and safe rejuvenation through consumption of herbs and a personal knowledge of confinement gained through books or seminars.

Dr. PeiLing’s advice is distilled in her popular book, “Falling in Love with Confinement”. The book also discusses different confinement methods for vegetarian and cesarean mothers and contains a wealth of nutritious confinement recipes. Personally, I have always been unsure about the safety of consuming herbs pre and post pregnancy so Dr. PeiLing’s book gives me something new to think about.


“Falling in Love with Confinement” is bilingual (Mandarin-English) and is available for RM46 at Kinokuniya, MPH, Popular bookstores and Daveleen’s office in SS2 (or order online).

Daveleen will be organising another event, “Moms To Be High Tea Gathering”, on 24 & 25 August 2013, Saturday & Sunday. For more updates visit www.facebook.com/daveleen or www.moms2b.com.

Thank you Daveleen for a great Mothers Day event. I had a relaxing time, lots of fun and learned quite a number of things!


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