Puppy, Lamb and Piglet,

I thank God every day for each one of you.

After lunch, before afternoon lessons begin I love (sorta …) finding the three of you busily rearranging all the furniture “building house” smack in the middle of our living room.

You have rollicking times doing outdoorsy things together – splashing in a pool, playing badminton, tennis, football, riding your bikes, anything that results in three sweaty, grinning faces.

Together, you exhaust our household supply of cellotape and coloured paper, making surprise gifts for your parents and congratulating each other on your handiwork as all faithful buddies do.

I have had my fair share of learning what makes you tick as well as growing a few white hairs, helping you navigate through disputes.

Even then, did you know? You are so blessed to have each other.

I see that almost every moment, every day, and I am so happy because of each of you.


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