Boys and breastfeeding


Puppy and Lamb took their babies for a walk in their supermarket trolleys this morning while I washed the breakfast dishes. When I had finished, I assigned Puppy some written work and asked Lamb if he wanted to do some colouring.

“No, Mama,” he replied. “I’m going to give my baby some milk.”

“Not formula,” Puppy interjected. “Don’t give formula. Get some breastmilk, put it into a bottle and feed.”

Lamb hurried away. Then he paused.

“I can’t get breastmilk,” he said. “I don’t have breasts.”

Now, isn’t that an interesting awareness of anatomy for a 3 year old?

Which reminds me …. Part 2 of my breastfeeding series is still outstanding.

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Home projects and my weeping heart

I had a two-week break from blogging, again – quite by necessity.

That was bound to happen, because Sweet Man purchased a photo book bargain of 5o pages for only RM80, and I procrastinated on the project for several months.

No, wait ….. for several years. You see, I never got down to flagging or printing any of our digital photos in the past 4 years. I’d been living too much in the moment.

The consequence? I had an opportunity to create the family album I always wanted ….. and about 8,747 photos to wade through within 4 days. Yes. 8,747.

8,747 photos is not all. Through a freak accident (possibly the old battery on our laptop), I lost the photo album I had almost completed at the last minute. I had to re-do it all over again. The best part of it was that I lost it, not once, but twice. Twice!!!! I couldn’t even find it on our back up drive.

I slept an average of 2 hours each night over 4 days.

I have new white hairs.

And homeschool? I managed it for the first 2 days but called in “sick” the last 2. I was beat.

But I did it. I completed that epic family photo album on a weekend night between midnight and 6am, just before the extended date, a Monday. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands when it’s finally printed.

Doing that photo album not once, not twice, but 3 times – in nightmare time – made me realize a few things.

Each moment with my family is precious. Time flies. Oh, I should treasure (so much more) living in the present with them. House chores and other projects constantly clamour for attention, but all those opportunities to hold that little hand, to kiss a chubby cheek after cleaning a poopy bum, and breathe in sweet baby smells after a warm bath will fly away forever if I don’t grab them, and enjoy them …. now. How I want to save my energy, and how I want to be more patient, for what’s important.

After that photo album was done, I had the job of getting Puppy’s and Lamb’s room ready before they moved into it. That also meant clearing another room to make it suitable for guests who come by often to stay. Due to a lack of storage cabinets, the latter room had, by default, become a store room, and I had my work cut out for me.

I shall not go into the sordid details of all the back-breaking tasks I had to do to get 2 rooms ready with 3 little ones at hand. Let’s just say handing out little damp cloths to keep little hands busy “like Mama”, and working only when Piglet was sleeping, kept them happy, and I was also happy to find that I didn’t have much trash to throw out – thankfully, I am not a hoarder. I had just lots of things to move around, and cleaning up thereafter.

The thing that tore out my heart the most was moving the children’s beds into their new room, as well as their clothes. It all seemed so …… final. At the end of it all, I sat down and wept.

As it turned out, I didn’t have too much to break me. Lamb napped in the sibling room in the afternoons, but he still wanted me at nights. So, after 5 days (or was it less?) we moved his bed back into our room, right next to our bed, exactly where Puppy had hers just 2 years ago.

Tonight, after a in-the-middle-of-the-night feed, I made sure I kissed Piglet’s little face – not once, but several times. I then took Lamb to the bathroom for a toilet visit, and kissed him afterwards too. Just to make sure I had them – the moments that I know will pass …… all too soon.

It looks like I’ll be doing a lot more kissing, kid-gazing, and creating more opportunities for family fun, after this. (Although I’m glad to say: Don’t I have enough of that already?)

ONE more thing.

I’ll make sure I set aside some time to make memories last – by working on my photos and printing them more often!

Puppy, just before her 2 year old birthday


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