Winners of Method to the Rescue! contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Method to the Rescue! contest. Some of you entered more than 1 story and increased your chance of success.

Selected by a random generator, the 5 winners are:

1. mamaricher: My husband is into wormicompost and organic gardening. His daily routine includes feeding and playing with his worms, or harvesting the worm cast and dig them into his vege patch. All these with his bare hands! An efficient but gentle hand wash will make a good Christmas present for him.

2. fad: I’m hoping to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my daughter as her house is filled with wood furniture. She has been looking for a polish that works wonders since some of the products that she has tried tend to leave behind an oily residue and streaks on the furniture. It’s also hard to find a polish that smells pleasant and doesn’t cause headaches. It would be great if Method comes to her rescue and end her search for the best wood polish.

3. lina: My family is guilty of eating oily food and as a result, we always end up having to deal with greasy pots and pans. Since the main culprit is grease, cleaning them can be a nightmare. There is a lot of elbow grease involved and we have tried all the home remedies we can find. I am hoping to win Method Dish Soap for my mother so that she can finally bid good riddance to grease and grime.

4. syloh2012: My husband is into green and natural. He collects our ‘pee’ on the pails twice a day and dilute them with water and then feed all the organic plants inside and outside the house compound. He also feeds the 8 chickens (fyi, 3 of them are laying eggs for our daily consumption) bare hands. Well, he eats whatever crumbs on the floor like a croaches. oh well, we have triplets age 7 plus a young boy age 4, lots of crumbs for him to pick up. Coupled that I have a maid who has sensitive skin, hence an efficient but green hand wash will make a good Christmas present for him and maid.

5. szuster: What a wonderful win-win contest!  It would be fabulous if a complimentary set would be given to my parents-in-law for them to try them out and see the difference from the commercial ones they are using! It would make a really nice Christmas gift to make their home “green” clean! I have been sharing with them about using eco-friendly products (which also means safer use on themselves and their home) but it never really works because these products tend to be more costly than the commercial ones. Their daughter, my sister-in-law suffers from allergies of all sorts, and constantly pops in anti-histamines. My little one goes over ever so often, so it would be a relief to me knowing there’s safer use of products on clothes, dishes, and body! I also know for a fact that my sister-in-law who lives with them would love the products as she’s quite an OCD when it comes to cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!
A blessed Christmas to all, and a happy greener 2013.

Winners, please email me at by Friday, 28 Dec 2012 and provide me with:

1) Your full name
2) Your delivery address
3) Your mobile telephone number
4) The full name of the person in your story who will receive the gift
5) Delivery address of the person in your story who will receive the gift
6) Mobile number of the person in your story who will receive the gift

If I do not receive an email from these 5 winners by 28 Dec 2012, prizes will go to the next selected winners.


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Green cleaning, Method review and giveaway

I am big on green cleaning. My quest to detoxing our home began some years ago when I discovered that most economical commercial cleaners contain toxic chemicals. I’d literally gag and choke whenever I used the stuff. It really didn’t make sense to me that I should directly poison myself and my loved ones in the process of getting rid of dirt.

The solution was simple. I ditched Toilet Duck and switched to baking soda and vinegar for bathrooms and floors. My kids and I started using a homemade cucumber face wash, baking soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse for our hair instead of shampoo, and organic coconut oil to moisturize. Extremely basic solutions, yes! but minimal chemicals involved, great for the environment and amazingly clean and effective.

I am still on a journey of trying a number of safe hand washes and dish washes. So when approached to review an eco-friendly product, I jumped at the opportunity and found some cool Method gel hand washes and Method foaming hand washes at my doorstep shortly after.

Method is one of the world’s leading eco-friendly brands and no wonder. Its products are naturally derived, never tested on animals, biodegradable, contain no dirty ingredients like parabens, phthalates, triclosan, EDTA or animal by-products. They come in recyclable bottles made with 100% recycled plastic, the sleekest and most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen, thanks to industrial designer Karim Rashid.

Look at them.


Just look at them.



These glorious-looking bottles have decorated my bathroom and kitchen sinks for a whole month. I don’t wonder why they feature in the homes of people with the likes of Stella McCartney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Priced a little too dearly for our budget (RM13.80 for 354ml of gel hand wash, RM14.80 for 300ml of foaming hand wash), these are still quite comparable to other eco-friendly hand washes. They really add a touch of glamour, wash gently but well too.

Only one thing – these hand washes contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). With all of its laudable commitment to health and the environment, Method has researched the safety of using SLS and has come out on the side of including them, unlike some other eco-friendly products. I’ve read some of their research and conclude that a little exposure to a minimal amount of SLS is probably not hazardous to health. But here is where such other products will compete with Method – they cut out one more chemical in the list. Would I try to eliminate one more chemical to the existing hodgepodge in our environment? I’d try. That said, I’ve never found a prettier eco-friendly hand wash.

You’ll find Method products – not just their hand washes – at all Cold Storage, Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer outlets, as well as Carrefour (Mid Valley) and Isetan (KLCC). I like Method’s commitment to green cleaning and I’ll want to check ’em out.

Now, Method is giving away a selection of Method household and personal care items I reckon worth trying. Enter this giveaway simply by joining the method to the rescue! Contest:

1. In the Comments section of this post below, write a short story on someone whom you think deserves a Method product sent to them as a surprise gift. (Check out to learn about Method’s household and personal care products you would like your friend to have.) Make sure you say why your friend needs to be ‘rescued’ – does her kid like to lick stuff off the floors, thereby licking floor cleaners as well? Is he sick of his house smelling like hospital cleaner?

2. That’s it! You can submit as many comments as you like about different friends.

3. I will select 5 winners randomly. The 5 (different) readers who wrote the winning short stories will be sent a selection of method household and personal care items worth over RM80.

4. The stars of the short stories (your friends), will each be sent the full-sized Method product as described in the short story.

So, if you win? You and your friend: Win win!
Contest closes 24 December 2012, 11.59pm. Open to Malaysians/PR only. Winners will be notified on our Facebook page and updated here, so do check back in.

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