Phonics@Home Mothers’ Day Giveaway


Happy Mothers’ Day to all you fabulous mamas!



It’s hard to believe that 11 years have passed since I first became a mother. Over the years, I’ve rejoiced and sweated, laughed and cried over this amazing vocation that has transformed my life in so many ways. Children have taught me the meaning of joy, sacrifice, and perseverance in unique ways – and there is still so much for me to learn. Thank you, kids!

So many amazing women have been a part of my mothering journey. Old friends, neighbours, blog readers, and acquaintances in the flesh who have become closer friends through the commonality we share – we are mothers.

Today I’d like to express appreciation to a specific group of mothers who have motivated me to keep on doing what I do – teaching our children at home. It all started with a friend who asked me what I was doing to help my children read and write – and Phonics@Home was born.

Phonics@Home is a four-hour workshop that equips parents with basic knowledge and practical skills of how to teach their children using the highly effective early literacy programme, Jolly Phonics. It is a small-group workshop, limited to six participants, so that everyone gets to ask questions, engage in role-playing sessions with personal feedback from me, and participate in hands-on games and activities related to phonics learning. Participants leave with a take-home Parent Kit containing the Jolly Songs CD and useful activity tools to reinforce learning at home.

In our private Facebook group exclusively for post-workshop participants, everyone is invited to share stories about how Jolly Phonics is working for them, or ask a question that might benefit the others. I also share updates of how we continue using Jolly Phonics in our own home and fresh learning ideas that emerge as we do so.

After 14 workshops in the past one year (wow!), I’m truly glad for the privilege of sharing my knowledge and experience about this fantastic resource, Jolly Phonics. I’ve met amazing mothers, also teachers, who are passionate about their children’s development and want to journey with their children as they learn.

Now, in conjunction with Mothers’ Day, I’m giving away one set of Jolly Phonics Picture Flashcards.

Jolly Phonics Picture Flashcards

This Giveaway is exclusively for those who have attended a Phonics@Home workshop.

To participate in this Giveaway, please do the following:

  1. “Like” the Mama Hear Me Roar Facebook Page, if you haven’t already!
  2. Write a sentence – or two, if you like (in the Comments section of this post, just below the title), about what you’ve enjoyed in the Phonics@Home workshop.

Note: This Giveaway will end on Sunday, 21 May 2017 @ 11.59pm.

The winner will be selected using a random selection tool and announced through an update on this post on Saturday, 27 May 2017. The winner will be required to provide a mailing address via WhatsApp or email.

Over to you now! And have a very blessed Mothers’ Day!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It’s my privilege to be a part of your family’s learning experience through this workshop and our ongoing private Facebook Page. Now, I’m pleased to announce the winner of this Giveaway – Soon Fun! Please contact me with details of your mailing address by Tuesday, 30 May 2017, and you’ll get the Picture Flashcards soon. 🙂 More Giveaways in future!


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Homeschool April 2017

FullSizeRender IMG_7522

Sometimes the days pass in a blur. I think of the rhythm and intensity of being with children 24/7. Perhaps it seems more intense, now that we have stopped our once-a-week part-time domestic help. Yet, the bathrooms and floors have never been cleaner since we ditched half-past-six shoddy cleaning by an outsider. And we have learned something more about unifying as a family to plug the gaps and finding pleasure in simple things.

Roo.   You helped me wash the rice today, standing tiptoe and giggling when we were done. And then, out in the garden, you carried the rice water in a green pail and watered the plants so carefully. I love watching you learn how to feed our soil with good things. From your work table, numbering colourful counters out loud, you recognise the smell of bokashi tea even as it drifts out of the kitchen while I’m emptying the bokashi bin. I hear you exclaim, “Bokashi!” The word sounds like heavenly music when you say it.

Piglet.   We can do magic with blocks, can’t we? We built our very own farmhouse, complete with a barn and nearby lake. Wild deer live among the tall trees on our land, including swinging monkeys and birds that visit our farm every day. You planned it all out as seriously as you fold the laundry every evening at chore time. Remember that morning when it rained and you stayed home from school because of a cold? You helped me re-pot a little brinjal plant and wouldn’t let a little drizzle stop you from harvesting kangkung. 

Lamb.   “How was your day?” you ask me regularly enough. Sometimes, I think you see my feelings more clearly than I’m aware of them. You’ve been trying to memorise those complicated drum beats, but returning to piano playing with a short, simple duet with me has rejuvenated our music lessons at home. Laughing over a jolly piece played together after dinner clean-up is a lovely way to bring the evening to a close.

Puppy.   You watched the garlic pips grow roots in water, our first experiment at planting garlic. I’m hoping we get some gigantic bulbs and reduce our spending at the market since we eat so much of it. You’re old enough now to understand more about why we watch our budget closely, and you don’t seem to mind a bit not having as much as your other friends do. I’m glad to see you take over washing your own bathroom with a good attitude. Your diligence warms my heart.








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