10 words that make me smile

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, wading through my roaring life with pregnancy nausea and just trying to keep up.

I have a 7 year old with quirky habits and an insatiable quest to learn.

An almost 5 year old who comes up with the most astounding, reflective questions.

And Piglet, my sweet Boy Man, who’s smack in the middle of his Amazing, Terrific, Tender Twos.

I’ll admit I do get whiny at times. And yet, I’m finding a certain quiet joy. An equilibrium.

It must be because every single day, I hear almost 9 out of these 10 words that make me smile. I hear them so regularly and when I hear them, I know I can outlast the long haul.

1. You’re the bestest Mama ever!   Why do they say this when I finally cave in and let them have instant noodles because I’m too tired to cook a meal from scratch? It must be the MSG flavouring, sheesh! Available for a limited time only.

2. Mmmm.   There’s always a story they’re dying to tell. Simply acknowledging with a “Mmmmm” at strategic points brings it on with all the flavour.

3. Your milk ….   Me: Not cow’s milk? Piglet: No, Mama’s milk! Okay, I’m a little ambivalent about this one because nursing while pregnant is hard for me. It hurts. But Piglet’s happiness makes me smile. And I feel the smile stretching beyond this brief season.

4. Wha dat?   That question comes with the 2 year old finger pointed at anything and everything. Even the welt on my arm after I’ve slept wrongly on my blanket is something to ponder about. I love the newness of life, unlimited possibilities, ceaseless ways of looking at things.

5. Bedtime!   Oh, 3 kids! Oh, the NOISE! I love them to bits, but I know my love for them gets renewed after the house and I get to recover with a few hours of night time quiet.

6. Papa’s home!!!!    The excitement! The exuberance! The ecstasy! I love that they love their Papa so much and they have wonderful times to remember forever.

7. What do you think?  My favourite response when they ask Why? Why? Why? Mainly because I get to save my breath at the start, and also because their answers are often so out of this world.

8. Deeeeelicious!   I so totally don’t get this. I mean the times it’s said when I serve just a sandwich and a raw salad for lunch. Or a simple jacket potato with cream cheese. There must be something wrong with my cooking.

9. I made/drew something for you.   This is why I don’t let my kids watch TV except on designated days. So they can make all kinds of stuff, draw funny pictures that make me laugh, and clog up the house. But then I’m probably not smiling too much when the house is littered with bits of paper and craft lying everywhere.

10. I love you Mama!   Even after I’ve nagged, yelled and glared. That innocent, forgiving, unconditional love of a young child (multiplied by 3 kids, 3 times over) makes me feel I can overcome my worst and achieve the impossible.


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  1. I just have to say this again: You’re inspiring!

    I have 3 and I’m breathless before the day is over. My 3 kids are same ages as yours, and I can’t imagine how I’d cope if I’m pregnant now! You’re one amazing mama.

    My favourite words have to be no.5 and 6! LOL! Well, and of course, 1 and 10 too.

  2. Thank you. I do get breathless before the day is over! Reading your blog, I’m guessing a lot of our experiences are similar, the only difference is since I’m pregnant now I have to deal with an extra, umm, bump? Days that nausea is bad, I feel pretty down in those moments but thankfully I know it’ll ease up and a good day’s just around the corner. So thankful for my amazing hubby who tries his best to be supportive. It’s strange that he sometimes feels nausea too, ha!

  3. I’m due 13th December. It’s going to be one big party! 13 Dec, then Christmas, then New Year, then my #3’s third birthday on 6th Jan. Yikes! Come November, I should start making lots of cakes and freezing them? 🙂

  4. Tizzy is the perfect word. On occasions that happens, I’m usually not smiling! The last time the kids dragged their feet to get to bed, I threatened to eat up all their ice lollies. Ha. Post in context: Mama Goes Beserk.

  5. That’s the idea! I sometimes find myself staring at the wall, after the kids have gone to bed, thinking about the funny things they got up to during the day and grinning idiotically to myself.

  6. The things they say! Priceless. Nice to see you here and I’ll be hopping over to yours soon 🙂

  7. Hi and welcome! The wee ones are truly a treasure, yes. Thanks for dropping by and I’ll be over to yours soon.

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